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Monday, February 14, 2005

Stories from yesteryear

Once in undergrad, a friend of mine, in an intoxicated state, told a story. Whether or not the audience was intoxicated as well is up for historical debate. Anyhow, this dude talked for a full 30 minutes, explaining to us how love is like a rubber sheet. Now what is a rubber sheet you ask? Well to be honest, I don't know, and if anyone out there does know, odds are that I don't wan't to meet you ;-)

Perhaps it was the autumn air, or the alcohol, but the speech was pure poetry; full of passion, emotion, and hand gestures. At that moment in time, I was never as sure about anything as I was sure that love was, indeed, like a rubber sheet. The rationale for such an assertion has long since faded into obscurity, but for that one night, a group of young men and women peered into adulthood and said "No Thanks."

Huh? Exactly.

Maybe I'm a crazy fool. Maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe I'm just a fool. But nothing beats being in college, eating pizza at 3 A.M, and listening to a drunk dude giving an impassioned speech detaling the parallels between love and a rubber sheet.

How pointless are these posts becoming!?


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