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Thursday, February 03, 2005

5 will get you 10, 10 will get you 20...

Today, one of my law professors gave us some advice about lawyering: "It's important to be a regular person sometimes. You can't always be a walking encyclopedia of legal information." Not a problemo teach! A walking pamphlet of legal information... hmm.... now that I could do. Maybe.

Today I reached a new low in terms of in-class behavior. Scratch that... a new high! For you see my friends, today in class I attempted to build a house of cards. To be fair, I couldn't build a towering masterpiece as I was only working with 6 or 7 cards. Nevertheless, I was able to build a respectable two-story apartment. I positioned the 3 of spades on the bottom, and in what is fast becoming a controversial move, I topped off the house with the Ace of Spades -- the death card.

The class ended with a lively game of 3-card monte.

I feel like I've never wasted as much time in class as I do in law school. Let the good times roll.


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