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Monday, January 31, 2005

Put this out there for me

The playa with the tilted brim and the 'biggest sack' -- Snoop Dogg -- recently expressed his desire to coach in the NFL. "My dream is to coach in the NFL, probably for the Steelers. Put that out there for me." Maybe it's just me, but I think the quote is hilarious. Who the hell says shit like 'put that out there for me"?! It's like Snoop is some sort of modern day Moses, expressing some idea knowing that his minions will soon get to work getting the idea out there. Can you picture it: Snoops chillin in a hottub with some fine honeys, smokin a J, doing his nails. Boom. An idea/dream strikes him. Now does Snoop get out of the hottub and make things happen? Hellz no! And why does he need to? After all, all he has to do is say "Put that out there for me" and presto! - the media is all over it. The very fact that I'm writing about it speaks volumes. With a readership hovering around 6 now, I am becoming much more selective about what I'm willing to blog about. Snoop, you made the cut.

Even better: Snoop is planning a charity concert/football game that he plans to call the Snooper Bowl.

This just in! Snoop accused of Sexual Assault

Can't you just picture it?
Snoop: What up girl, you lookin fine...
Girl: Ewww.. get away.
Snoop: I want to touch your boobs, put that out there for me.

Pawn takes Queen. Bad move Snoop.


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