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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Old School Games... sort of

Remember those games you would play on family road trips, or if you were one of those early teenage boys who still didn't talk to girls?

1. The Geography Game: You must say a city, state, or country that begins with the same letter that the previous word ended with. I used to play this in school all the time. The true playaz knew that the key to this game was to name places that ended with the letter 'Y'. The most diabolical of the playaz, when having to name a place starting with the letter 'P', would say 'Phoenix'.

2. Fake book titles: Of course, there is the well-known "Yellow Streams" by I.P Daily. Here are some that me and my friends came up with way back in the day: "Ice Cream Flavors" by Milli Vanilli, "Shit Stains" by Bobby Brown, and my favorite being "The Disappearing Penis" by Magic Johnson. Being the insensitive young lads that we were, we would sometimes come up with offensive titles a'la "How to get (insert disease here)" by (insert someone who has that disease) or "How to be ugly" by (insert someone who is ugly). Sunrise Sunset...Where have all the flowers gone...Turn Turn Turn.

3. An oldie but a goodie, and my loyal readership of 2 can play this one along with me right now! Pick a number between 1-10 and remember it. Now multiply that number by 2. Next, add 4 to your number. Now divide by 2. Lastly, subtract the number you started with from the number you have now. Scroll down to rubric 5 see your number.

4. Joss Stone is so hot.

5. Your number is 2 bitch. Recognize. Who's your daddy? What's that, your father died when you were young? Oh great, now I feel like an asshole.


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