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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The key to the single woman.. who has a kid

Some thoughts after watching Jerry Maguire:

It seems to me that if you are a guy who is trying to get a single woman with a kid, the surefire way to success is to just get along well with the fatherless child. Befriend him, teach him to throw a ball. He will naturally enjoy the male companionship. After impressing him with your extensive array of life experiences, you can even say (in a joking fashion of course) "Who's your Daddy?!" The odds are that both of you will burst out lauhing in unison -- a hearty and healthy chuckle. After all, both of you obviously realize that the kid has no Daddy. Therein lies the humor! What fun! The single mom will look at the 2 of you from the sidelines, smiling from ear to ear. "Finally!", she will think, " I've found a father figure for my little boy. This man is now worthy of marriage". So if you want to land that single mom with a kid, here is a tip: Leave the roses at home, but remember to bring a playstation 2.


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