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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fools in School...

Joy. Excitement. Relief. Just a few words that come to mind when a teacher finishes class early. Right when a teacher says "Well, that's all the material I have for today", I start packing up my stuff and, if I'm in the right mood, I do a little jig. But any teacher worth their weight in apples will always add on this little gem before class is officially over: "Does anyone have any last questions?" That is when my eyes start roaming around the room in a wild frenzy, as I pray no one makes any sudden movements. But, to my dismay, there is always some fool that can't hold in his/her question until after class. This annoys me to no end. Being in class is bad enough, but being teased about getting out early really sucks.

Sometimes a kid in class will make a joke and everyone else will laugh. The teacher will then ask what was said, and the kid will respond softly. So the teacher asks them to repeat the joke. This might happen 2 or 3 times until the teacher finally hears it. But amid all this hoopla, something funny happens. Everytime that student is asked "what did you say?", his answer becomes more formal and the joke loses all funnyness, assuming it was even funny in the first place. Case in Point:

Teacher: I hope I don't have any typos on the exam this year. That would really give me a headache.

Student: Yeah, that would give all of us major headaches too, so try not to. [class laughs -- [edit: law students are nerds]]--> case in point: my double brackets

Teacher: [confused] What was that?

Student: Oh, I just said that a typo would be a major headache for us too.

Teacher: Huh?

Student: [speaking more slowly] Having a typo on the exam would be frustrating.

Teacher: Wait, what did you say?

Student: [speaking louder and more deliberately] I hope there are no typos on the exam for that would impede our ability to answer the exam question accurately.

Teacher: Right, that's what I just said.

Note: I wasn't that student!

Speaking of law students being nerds, this actual exchange went down in a class of mine.

Teacher: This example is really old and might be outdated...I don't know if GE's stock still sells for 45 dollars.

Student: 45 bucks? Ha! Not with their corporate structure..

People then started laughing for some reason, and I couldn't help but think to myself: "I pay for this?!"

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