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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


So apparently an international team of scientists have found a "lost world" of newly discovered plants and animals. New kinds of birds, frogs, butterflies, and even a new kind of kangaroo! For some reason I find this find to be pretty cool. Usually when scientists discover a new sort of species, it's something boring like a beetle with a slightly shorter lifespan than a regular beetle, or a grasshopper that doesn't quite hop, but frolicks instead. But a new Kangaroo? Interesting shit. For a day at least.

I never got why people were so obsessed with the Olson twins. Sure they were cute kids, but that's about it. I never got why people were counting down the days until they turned 18, as if they were any different from other child stars. In related news, I just found out that Steffanie from full house was addicted to Meth and had to go to rehab. Add that to that Olson chicks eating disorder and it makes you wonder exactly what kind of house of ill repute this "Full House" really was. And in the midst of all this madness, the question must be asked: Where was Uncle Jesse?

Whenever you go to a restaurant you are immediately told what the special is. I've never in my life actually seen someone order the special. As Seinfeld once said, if the special was so good, why isn't it on the regular menu? Touche`.

I've always wondered this: Men like the smell of a woman's perfume, and women like the smell of a man's cologne. People like to smell good. Why wouldn't a man wear a woman's perfume if he thought it smelled so good. Some women are addicted to the smell of cologne, so why don't they buy it for themselves? I've actually wondered bout this for years. Maybe it's psychological. Guess nugget was right, I'm a PCG afterall ;-)

This post has been lame, but I'm just getting back into the game. I'll have some good shit comin up soon. Any requests?


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