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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Birthday Message gone awry: Ma Neeshma?

Growing up, one of my best buds had a younger brother named Avi, who I was also friends with. Two years ago, Avi left the US and went to Israel to serve in the Israeli Army.

Sometime this summer, his brother informed me that Avi's girlfriend (in Israel) was trying to put together a nice birthday surprise for him. One of the gifts was going to be an audio CD comprised of messages from Avi's friends and relatives from all over the world. I was told to record, on my computer, a silly message for Avi and send it to his girlfriend's email, and then she'd take care of the rest.

So I recorded a message for him, and it started out like this: I tell him in Hebrew, and in a deep manly voice (uh... i mean my natural voice), "Avi, this is your Commanding Officer. What are you up to?" Then I switched to English and said something like "What up, its Homer, hope you have a happy birthday and that you're having a good time" etc. etc.

Done and done.

In the end, I heard the CD contained something like 20 or so audio tracks from various friends and family members. His girlfriend left a message herself, and I imagine it was a nice lovey type of message. So naturally, when she gave him the CD, she wanted him to listen to the track she recorded, first. She tells him: "Avi, listen to number 16 first." Being a good soldier, and an even better boyfriend (that was gay hah), Avi complies and puts on track 16.

The girlfriend was mistaken, however, and track 16 wasn't her own message, but was mine! So Avi, expecting to hear some sort of heartfelt message, instead hears my stupid ass voice talking in a stereotypical Hebrew/Soldierish accent. He started laughing and couldn't help but wonder why his girlfriend wanted him to listen to that one first!


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