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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Believe it or not...

At my undergrad, you had to complete 7 credits worth of Science courses in order to graduate, and by my Senior year I had accumulated 6. Since I had already met my math requirements, I sucessfully calculated that I only needed 1 more science credit.

1 credit science courses are an interesting breed in that they're usually blowoffs, and my undergrad was no exception. Some of the 1 credit science classes I had to choose from included: Coral Reefs, Climate and Mankind, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, and Water and Society.

I chose to take Coral Reefs.

A few weeks after the semester ended, my grades started to roll in. Having slacked off my first 2 years of college, I was now tryin to do as well as I possibly could to boost up my lackluster GPA. My grades started to come in one at a time, and things were looking up -- that is until I saw a big fat F on my transcript. An F! What the F (pun intended) was going on?! I examined my grade more closely and saw that I received an F in "Volcanoes and Earthquakes", but I wasn't even registered for that.

Or was I?

Panicking, I checked my schedule and it turned out that I really was registered for Volcanoes and Earthques, yet I had been "attending" Coral Reefs all semester long. I had been going to a class I wasn't registered for all semester, while not going to what was really on my schedule. Yikes. So I had to contact the administration and tell them what was up. Then, the professor from Coral Reefs had to write something verifying that I really attended his class. Then, I had to petition for a "late drop" to drop the 'F' from my transcript, resulting in an awe-inspiring "W". Finally,I had to petition for a "late add" in order to get my Coral Reefs grade on my transcript. The whole thing was so idiotic it was almost funny. I survived unscathed.

On a side note, that same semester I saw my Coral Reefs professor at a party. What he was doing at an undergrad party is beyond me, but rumor had it that he was sleeping with a student. Anyhoo, I got a little tipsy, and before I knew it, I was talking to my Prof. asking if he could give me a good grade. In hindsight, I should have hit up the party where the "Volcanoes and Earthquakes" professor was at.

Better posts on the way loyal readers.


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