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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Handicap Stall

A few weeks ago I had to get dressed up for court. After that little ordeal, I had to make a little hike back to campus whereupon I went into a library bathroom to change out of my dress clothes into my normal clothes. I was staying in town for the weekend so I had a backpack with me and a travel bag as well.

So I walk into the bathroom, and seeing as the Handicap stalls are pretty spacious, I figured that would be a nice little place for me to change. I must point out, before I continue, that I've never in my life ever seen a handicap person use a handicap stall. Has anyone?? So there I am, chilling in the handicap stall, changing my clothes ever so slowly. And that's when it all went down.

Through the little crevice in the stall, I saw, to my horror, a middle aged man in a electric wheelchair rolling by. He was kind of peeping into the stall to see if anyone was in it. Oh damn, I felt like the worlds biggest dick. As fast as I could, I gathered all of my shit and opened the door and threw everything onto the floor, as I tried to scurry out of the stall ASAP -- while still in mid-change. I get out of the stall, but by that time, I see that the handicapped individual was already at a urinal doing his thing. It didn't look like it was ideal for him, so I still felt pretty shitty. But what could I do now?

So anyways, there I am. I'm still trying to get fully changed while standing in the middle of the bathroom with my shit strewn all about. Thinking the drama is over with, I once again am takin my sweet dear time. But then it happens again. I hear a noise. I look up. It's him. The handicapped fellow. He's done peeing. He wants to leave the batthroom, but he can't because all my belongings are blocking his path -- and it's not like he could just step over it. Feelin like an even bigger asshole, I quickly move my shit out of the way (took like 5 seconds but felt a lot longer). He then rolls by me as I say "Sorry".


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