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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pointless stories...

About 2 months ago, a friend from home came up to visit for a weekend of debauchery. One night, a group of us had quite a bit to drink, traveling like nomads (some on foot, others on horseback) from bar to bar.

Here is an artists rendition of our intoxicated posse.

So by the time we got to the last bar, we were pretty gone. One of my lady friends then decided to buy one more round of drinks. So she gave my friend his drink and after the first sip, he realized that there was no way he could finish it. His body jsut couldn't handle another sip of alcohol.

So my friend is chillin there, chatting with the girl that just bought him a drink, while contemplating what to do. He didn't want to just hold it and not drink it after she had just bought it for him. So he decides, as he's talking to her, to deviously start pouring out his drink, ever so slowly, onto the floor. Problem solved! ... or so you would think. The floor was concrete and the girl was wearing open toed shoes. The alcohol splashed down on the ground and onto my friends foot.

Not so sly apparently. She goes to him "Are you pouring your drink on the ground?" He replies, trying not to laugh, "No!". Then she starts laughing cuz he obviously was.

Just recently, I was talking to the same friend about his recent trip abroad. He goes to me "It turns out that I can't speak Italian as well as I assumed I could".
I go to him "What in the world ever made you assume that you could speak Italian?" He goes "uh.... I don't really know". Too funny.


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