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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Socially Akward Weatherman

I used to be really shy, so here's a funny story of me trying to break out of my shell:

Freshman year of college, I'm sitting in the cafeteria with some people I don't really know cuz my friend had already left. The peeps are talking about tv channels they like. I had just read a magazine article talking about weather buffs who enjoy watching the weather channel for fun, much like a regular person would watch ESPN or MTV. I figure I'd try and speak up and participate in the conversation, so I gather up all my courage and say in a monotone robotic voice: "Did ... you .... know ... that some people watch the weather channel for fun?" [insert crickets chirping here] And that was it. I didn't expand on what I had said or anything like that. "people watch the weather channel for fun" -- lord have mercy :)


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