Breakin Ankles

Monday, September 26, 2005

Stayin Krispy

The general decided to visit this weekend. He wanted to know if I could land him 6 kilos of some champagne powder.

"Sorry man, I can only get 3 Kilos for the weekend. Oh, and by the way, parking up here is a bitch."

"You motherfucker, 3 fucking Kilos won't do the trick. I have clientelle to look after. And just for the record, there are 2 things I never pay for --
Women, and Parking".

Shit, I had to think fast so I put on my specs. There was no way I could land any powder, so maybe if I found some women to chill with, the general would be appeased.

The general arrived. Turns out that he already had some chicks lined up for us. Sweet.

Damn, these hoes were finer than I thought. I made my way to a fine mamasita named "Catalina".

Hours passed, alcohol was drunk, and fun was had.

After a few hours, it was time to say our good-byes.
"I love both of you equally, remember that"

"I only love you, my sweet"

The next morning it hit us. It hit us hard. What had we done?! For you see, as it turns out, those weren't women at all. They were statues. Damn you berkley!


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