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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Walking around town...

Walking around with headphones on always changes the rules of social protocol when it comes to seeing people you know on the street. With your headphones on, you are sort of in your own little world, free from distractions, impervious to those odd men on the street who claim to have no home and supposedly need money for food and shelter. So anyways, you're walking down the street listening to your tunes and you see someone you know -- what do you do? If you would normally stop and chat, do you stop and take off your headphones? Is it rude to just nod and keep on walking? For it seems that wearing headphones gives you a license to just ignore everything, as if your music takes precedence over all.

Cop: Hey pal, a bank robber is on the loose, can you look out for a guy wearing a blue t-shirt?!!
Headphones Man: Whats that? Oh, sorry, but I'm wearing headphones at the moment and I'm really into this song... sorry.
Cop: Oh, my mistake, I didn't notice that. Carry on good sir.
Headphnes Man: Good day....... pig

Ever see those guys with HUGE ass headphones that are twice the size of an average apple? I have nothing to say about them, really. The people that wear them just seem 'interesting'.


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