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Monday, May 30, 2005

Livin' by a lake

Did you ever notice that people use the presence of a lake to explain any and every type of weather related pheonmenon? Some examples:

Me: Why is it so fuckin cold out?
Person: Oh, it's cuz we're right by the lake.
Me: Oh, makes sense.

Me: Why is it so damn hot out?
Person: It's the lake effect. The wind from Chicago runs over the lake, and you know how hot air always rises, right?
Me: Um.. sure.. why not.

Me: Why is it snowing? It's June!
Person: Don't you know we live right by a lake?
Me: Yeah, so?
Person: Well the lake has water in it, and when water freezes it becomes ice, and what happens when you break up ice into tiny tiny pieces? You get snow!
Me: What the fuck?!
Person: Exactly.

Me: Why do I have leprosy?
Person: Because you played a game of checkers with that Hobo who lives, surprise surprise, right by the lake.
Me: Damn tempting game of checkers.


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