Breakin Ankles

Friday, June 03, 2005

Maybe he just farted??

Check out this crazy story.
Here is a brief run down of what happened.

A guy goes into a portable toilet to take a dump. While sitting down, he proceeded to light a cigarette which then ignited methane gas leaking "from a pipe underneath the toilet unit." Boom! Explosion! Man goes flying. Shit is falling from the sky like chocolate was during Homer's (no relation) "Land of Chocolate" dream in that classic Simpsons episode.

John Jenkins, the victim in this freak accident, claims to have suffered severe burns all over his body. He is now suing the general contractor and a coal company for negligence to the tune of 10 million dollars. From the article: "Eastern Associated owns the Blacksville property where the explosion occurred. Jenkins alleges that heavy equipment from Chisler Inc. ran over the pipelines before the explosion, causing the methane gas leak."

Do we have a case here my friends? If I were the defense, my whole case would simply rest upon the title of this post!


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