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Monday, June 13, 2005

Revenge of the sixth

While watching the Tyson fight this past Saturday, a clever drinking game was devised. Now this game was a bit more complex than my personal favorite game, "Let's drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time!" The rules were as follows: Each person predicted what round they thought the fight would finish, and the winner had to consume five shots. This is Wisconsin, we don't play around. Round 1 passes. Tyson is still standing, and the person who picked round 1 breathes a sigh of relief. This scenerio repeats itself for rounds 2-5 (I had round 5 if anyone's curious). Round 6 comes along, and Tyson decides to quit before round 7 commences. The person who had round 6 begs for mercy saying "The fight didn't end in round 6! Whoever had round 7 has to take 5 shots, not me!" Interesting point. Debates ensue. Who is to take the 5 shots? Mr. Round 6? Or Mrs. Round 7? Technically, the sixth round FINISHED with both fighters still in the mix. There was no seventh round, really, so it could also be argued that the fight couldn't have ended in the seventh round. Both sides weren't gonna give in, so a compromise was reached. The 6th and 7th round people would split the shots (2+3). Everyone wins. Everyone gets drunk. Hallelujah.


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