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Monday, May 30, 2005

Why the Pistons will win the series

The Pistons are down 2-1 and people are jumping on the Miami Heat bandwagon in droves. As great as Dwane Wade is, and as dominating a force as Shaq can be, the Heat will inevitably lose to the Pistons in what is quickly looking like a 7 game series.

Above all, keep in mind that the Miami Heat have had to play damn near perfect basketball to stay with the Pistons. Dwane Wade has been unstoppable and Miami's bench has been performing extremely well. At the same time, the Pistons overall play has been lackluster, and yet they have had opportunities to win both of the games they lost. If the Miami Heat play perfect ball and can only squeak out indecisive victories against a team playing at 3/4 of their potential, what does that say about the two teams? So the question becomes: Will the Pistons turn it up a notch? I think the answer is 'yes'. For one thing, the Pistons play better when their backs are against the wall. But more than that, they have at least 5 players who can explode for 30 plus points on any given night. I think they'll tighten the screws on the defensive end and choke Miami the rest of the series. Dwane Wade has been unbelievable as of late, and I'm sure he'll get his, but again, the Heat will have to play perfect basketball in order to win. Is it possible? I suppose it is. But is it probable? Not really. The Pistons are gonna rev up the engines and handily beat the Heat in game 4, and I predict the game will be in the bag by the end of the 3rd quarter. Game 5 will also go to the Pistons, perhaps in overtime. Who else has the cahones to predict not only a victory, but an overtime game as well?! Your main man Homer! The Heat will win game 6 and the Pistons will close out the series in Detroit with a victory that will remind everyone why they are the defending Champs. Props to D. Wade, though, for playin big time in a big time series.

Final thoughts:
Pistons play better under pressure than the Heat
C. Billiups will get 30+ in one of the next 2 games


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