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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Small town girl makes it big...

So I caught an episode of The Osbournes today centering around a girl who payed 20,000 dollars (money went to charity) to spend 24 hours with Ozzy and Co. First off, who would pay $20,000 to hang out with anyone?

The girl who payed the 20 Gz was really nice, and sort of sweet, and you could tell that she really was having the time of her life. After some random shit, we find out that the girl is a "singer". I don't think I've said this about anyone before, but I think I'm actually a better singer than this chick. She was that bad. What was funny was that afterwards the chick is like "Yeah, I've had a natural voice ever since I was a kid.. Actually, I started singing when I was 15 months old" What the fuck?!

Turns out that the chick who dished out the 20G'z is a pizza delivery girl and, in order to attain the moolah, went into debt, maxing' out all her credit cards in the process. Oh yeah, shes only 25 and has been working as a pizza delivery girl for the last 7 years. She says she is tired of delivering Za' and wants to move out to LA to make it big with her band. Yikes. Sharon Osbourne feels bad for her, recognizing that as a pizza delivery girl she doesnt have much cash flow to pay back 20 big ones. So Sharon decides to give 10,000 dollars back to the Ozzy fan with a good heart, but bad vocal chords.

But the best part of all this: Where, oh where in the United States could you find a person willing to go into major debt, to the tune of 20 G'z, just to spend 24 hours with a dysfunctional family? Appleton Fuckin Wisconsin. Too funny.


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