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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Randomness Pt. III

If you could check anybody's email box in the world, who would it be? It's probably a better bet to check a female's email box since they tend to gossip more over email. Am I off base here?

One of my roomates in college was a drummer. I once asked him about the history/origins of drumming. His response: "I don't know man, probably cavemen banging on rocks" -- Rock on. (how cheezy was that)

I saw Napolean Dynamite the other day. Hugely dissapointing. Maybe it was hyped up too much, but I didn't fine it terribly funny. On the flip side, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is amazingly funny.

Once I was watching tv with my sister and she tells me "I think my foot fell asleep". I respond with a retort that would make big brothers smile the world over, "Why? Were you talking to it?". Hmm... maybe you had to be there ;-)

I wonder if anyone out there has over 8000 MP3's. The most I've heard of someone having is around 5,000.


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