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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Aim nightmare #23

Last week I was chatting online with a friend from college. What were we chatting about? The looming threat of a powerful Yen in a post-modern Eurocentric world economy. Afterwards, we began talkin about women. I was telling him about one lady in particular that I've been hanging out with lately. He asks me "Do you have a picture of this chick? I want to see what she looks like". Seeing that I am a tech savvy student (read: nerdy), I am of course a member of the latest college fad, And yes, I did graduate college already ;-) So I go on TheFacebook and since this young lady is a friend of mine, I check out her profile and find a picture of her. Money. I copy the link of the picture and send it over to my friend.

Soon thereafter, I start im'ing with the above mentioned lady. Holla.

Things are going good, and during our conversation, I proceed to check my email and see an email fwd with a link to a funny online video. So I copy the link to the video and paste it into her aim window.

I type "check it out, this is sorta funny". Control-V to paste. Simple enough. But it turns out that I didn't really copy the link to the online video. So what link is sent instead? The fucking picture of the very chick I was talking to! Fuckin A! This is how it went down:

"check it out, this is sorta funny"
(insert link of girl here)
"Woops! that's a picture of you... "

When I see what I've done, I stand up and say "oh fuckin shit". Oddly enough, I wasn't upset or distraught because the whole situation was so ridiculous and crazy that it was more funny than anything else. And who the fuck would have ever thought that shit like this really happens! I mean, I had heard of aim nightmares before, but they were always something that happened to other people. I never imagined that it could happen to someone like me. After all, I'm an experienced chatter. Been chatting since '96 and haven't looked back since. Back to the story.

After I type "Woops! that's a picture of you...", she replies "haha" (read: don't im me ever again you crazy stalker). I make up some excuse along the lines of "Woops, I was trying to upload a pic onto thefacebook and was having trouble so I was just copying and pasting random pictures trying to figure it out" (yikes... how lame of an excuse is that!). Then I type

"Here is the real link"
(insert very funny link here)

Lucky for me, the video link was really funny. Hopefully funny enough to make the young lady forget about me and my stalkerish ways. I then act as if nothing had happened and bring up some new topic of conversation. I don't know what she made of the whole situation, though maybe I'll ask her sometime. One friend told me that, for all we know, she thought I did it on purpose as a joke. Who knows. But I do know that if that happened to me, I'd be freaked out.

Maybe it isn't such a big deal though. Maybe, just maybe, online 'research' is so rampant (especially among college students) that blunders like mine are expected to happen every once in a while. I mean, who hasn't done a google search on someone before. Who hasn't spent too much time browsing peoples profiles on Friendster and TheFacebook? I really pray I'm not alone here!

In all honesty, there's no rationalizing it. It's just plain creepy! Period. So what is the update with the aforementioned young lady? Well I ended up hanging out with her later that night, so maybe not all is lost, but it's definately something that will seem wierder and wierder to her as time goes on and she has time to think about it. Or, perhaps, she might think that my little mistake was actually sort of cute? Yeah right. This is definitely a story to which most people would respond with "Well dude, it can't get any worse..."

Well, the only thing that would be worse would be if I was chatting with a friend about this girl and accidentally typed my messages into her aim window! That would be Aim nightmare #1. Anyone out there have their own aim nightmares?


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