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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Guy's bed vs. Girl's bed *

When it comes to sleep-time comfort, girls have guys beat hands down.

A guy's bed will usually have 2 pillows at most, a blanket, and maybe a sheet. A girls bed will have a minimum of 5 pillows, and probably much more since most will have pillows that they don't use for sleep, but toss on the floor when they go to bed. Head pillows. Body pillows. Pillow Pillows. They got it all. Moreover, girls will have a blanket, an assortment of the worlds finest linens/sheets -- minimum of 3 -- (each with its own distinct fragrance), a blanket, a down comforter, and a variety of other delights. If you slept under ALL the blankets etc. that most girls keep on their bed, you'd probably die of heat stroke come morning.

Rules of the Trade:
A single girls bed is always bigger than a single guys bed.
A single girls bed is always more comfortable than a single guys bed.

Put simply: You go to sleep on a guys bed.
When you're in a girls bed, you hibernate.

* Footnote: The idea for this post was ganked, without permission, from The Freakin Rican.


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