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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweeney Todd Sucks

So I saw "Sweeney Todd" this weekend and it was abysmal. Movies like this leave me wondering how movies even get made in the first place. Who allows such trash to be filmed?

This movie was horrible from start to finish. First off, it's a musical. That wouldn't be a problem if there were some good songs sung by talented singers, but that's not the case. The songs all sound the same. And they all suck. There's no melody and the lyrics are dull and boring. And oh yeah, the people singing them can't sing!

Sweeny Todd is a horrible movie that's disjointed at best. There's no rhyme or reason to anything, stuff happens inexplicably, and the audience is left guessing as to what is what. I was shocked to find out that this turd of a movie was nominated for various awards and I'm wagering that the people who enjoyed this film are pretentious film-goers. Lame.


Anonymous this film sucks said...

Anything directed by Tim Burton is going to suck because he has to put his own "dark" spin on it. And Sweeney Todd sucks because it's a musical, it has the arrogant Johnny Depp in it, and because it just sucks. What's so great about watching a "demon barber"? And to the anonymous idiot at 4:45pm, there's nothing brilliant about the film or the play. IT SUCKS and so do you. Must suck to be YOU.

12:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For starters, because it's a musical isn't a reason as to why it sucks. You can give your personal opinion, but that doesn't say anything. I believe that the score of the musical is used to advance the narrative, and each different note and repeated motif is used to develop more about the situation or character. Additionally, while I do believe that the original broadway production was much better than the movie (the set was something that would be found in a greek play, and this element balances itself with the repeated chorus throughout, similar to that of greek theatre) I don't believe that Burton had to do a "dark twist" on this one. I mean, the source material was already dark, wit 9 people dying on stage, 1 character's dismembered and bloody body being seen, a rape scene onstage, a character that goes insane by the end, and a story about revenge while disposing dead bodies into meat pies for the general public. Also, the general idea of watching the production is not to see a "demon Barber" but rather to see the road that revenge often leads down to. I believe that we can have varying opinions, but this comment leads me to think you just saw the poster for the movie and didn't even watch it.

9:42 PM

Anonymous mickrussom said...

Even the name Sweeny Todd sucks. I hated every second of it. Be warned the musical sucks as much as the movie.

11:42 PM


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