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Sunday, February 17, 2008

There Will Be Blood SUCKS!

Am I the only person who found this movie to be exceedingly boring and way too long? While the acting was great, the script was a bit weak. It's sad to say because it was a great plot that could have been an equally great movie. Instead we were left with a bunch of disjointed scenes. We were left with Daniel Day Lewis becoming insane or who knows what. He loves his son, he hates his son, who the fuck knows.

Some scenes, such as when Daniel Day Lewis is pretending to be baptized, could have been much more powerful if vaudeville style jokes hadn't been inserted every so often. And as great as Lewis did portraying his character, a lot of his actions just didn't make any sense -- it was basically him acting crazy for the sake of acting crazy.

I could go on about how boring this movie was, but I'll just leave you with this. Great Acting. Good plot. Too long. Too boring. Not enough interesting dialogue. IT basically seemed that the director wanted to have as many scenes as possible of Daniel Day Lewis acting creepy or crazy. And while these scenes really showed off what Daniel Day Lewis is capable of, they did nothing to make the movie more interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man this movie was a big waste of time and money. The only reason I went to see it was because everyone was saying it was sooooo goood. It was looooooonnngg, dialogue sucked ass, and the plot was all over the place. As well the title of the film is also stupid. Was it only me or did anyone else see any blood when people die. The guy gets shot in the head no blood nothing.

9:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also googled "There will be blood sucks"

The music is horrid and doesn't fit at all. It is almost more fitting for an old black and white horror film. Whoever approved that soundtrack deserves to be fired and whoever thinks it is good is wrong.

The acting wasn't anything impressive imo..just because someone acts crazy doesn't mean it is good.

This movie is a waste of time and one of the worst I have ever watched...

big waste of time!

5:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a mess! This film had no plot, no direction, and went absolutely nowhere. I can't believe people are giving it a good rating (is it because of the acting? - which was good but nothing spectacular).

Usually the egghead types can get away by saying they love a bad film because it's artsy. However, there is absolutely no deep message, or redeeming value in this movie... so what's there excuse?

I read one review that stated that those giving this movie a bad review just can't appreciate good character development. What character development? The main character started out as a selfish asshole, continued to be a selfish asshole throughout the movie, and ended as one - so how did he develop? Yes, a good movie should have it's characters develop, but focusing on the main character without a plot is a snooze-fest. I can't believe I stayed awake throughout this entire movie just for that horrible ending.

The only thing I can think of is the politically correct message of bashing Christianity (America's favorite pastime these days). In this movie Christianity was bashed literally and the politically correct crowd must have loved it because I can see no other reason why anyone with an intellect higher than that of a chimp would see anything worthwhile in this movie.

7:57 PM

Anonymous Krelian said...

I honestly believe that some critics were paid to improve a bit the such a low box office revenue. The movie is not good even from an artistic point of view. There were tons of better movies that year.

10:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This movie sucked! The awards given and excuses that people make for the movie being so great are infuriating as it only leads to a continual pattern of sucking when new viewers are tricked into watching this 'work of art' (cough) -- The acting WOULD have been good, if there was a coherent plot. If I want to watch a show about nothing, I'll watch Seinfeld..

4:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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