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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Enough is enough!

You know those Coors light commercials where they splice together some video of guys asking mundane questions with footage of NFL coaches during there post-game press conferences?

Well the first few (like the one above) were definitely funny, but they've become stale and repetitive as of late. For one thing, it's the same gimmick over and over and over. But more importantly, there are only a finite amount of video clips that have coaches spouting off entertaining sound bytes. I've actually noticed that Coors now uses footage from fake press-conferences by getting guys like Dennis Green and Jimmy Johnson to say scripted lines on a sound stage to use in their commercials. Come on now! You can't do that. It's time to let a good idea die with dignity instead of beating us over the head with it 15 times during every game.

Besides, now self-respecting NFL fan drinks Coors light anyways.


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