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Monday, September 24, 2007

Riddle me this

If you could only have one type of finger on your hands, which one would you pick? In other words, you could have 10 thumbs, 10 index fingers, or 10 middle fingers etc. The need for opposable thumbs is key, so an important question would be which finger could perform thumb-like functions in the thumb location.

I think it's fairly obvious that the pinky doesn't even warrant any serious consideration. Same goes for the finger right next to the pinky (the ring finger I believe). The ring finger is inherently weak, exemplified by the fact that is chosen to wear the wedding ring. A hand full of 10 middle fingers might be useful for arguments, but friendly waves and benign hand gestures to friends and loved ones might cause some problems. I think 10 thumbs is a workable solution, but people might call you "stumpy". So we're left with 10 index fingers as the optimal choice. In the end, I think that 10 index fingers provides the perfect balance between dexterity and aesthetic considerations.


Anonymous G.NUGGET said...

What has this blog come to, utter absurdity, yet here i am reading and commenting on it.

Have you not heard of the phrase "you're all thumbs"? For that reason alone, no thumbs.

Pinky, with out this we wouldnt have the famous phrase "did you get a stinky pinky?" Yet you would think girls wouldn't care about a pinky, therefore why should I, NEXT.

Ring finger, i agree not the strongest of the remaining fingers and other than serving the purpose of servitude and the attachment of a ball and chain, i can definetly do with out this finger.

Now to the real debate. And i have to chose the middle finger. Your argument that if all middle fingers would imply always giving the figner to friends and family is simply absurd. IF all your figners are middle finger you would cease from having middle fingers. All that you would have is 5 really long fingers in both hands. With 5 long fingers i can finally to things that the opposite sex might enjoy : ) I could palm a ball (i always wanted to do this) and more importantly i can wave my long finger the same way Babu would wave his finger to Seinfeld.


4:40 PM

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