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Sunday, July 22, 2007

I can't believe I just read that

So I work in an office and I've noticed something interesting there. It's a breeding ground for what I like to call the "half-smile/nod".

The Scene: any office
The Players: you, bitch
Other players: random co-worker

So you're walking down the hall and you see a co-worker or someone who works in the same office walking towards you. You don't really know this person, but you know who they are and vice versa. Or maybe you don't. But either way, as you pass each other, you start to smile. But it's only halfway. Actually, it's more like a smirk, and no teeth are ever shown. And as you're forming this interesting facial expression, you sort of nod your head downards at half speed as you make eye contact with the other person.. It's the half-smile/nod. It's akin to saying "Hey, I don't know you so this is how we apparently acknowledge each others existance. You work where I work so I'll be polite and smile. But don't get the wrong idea because as you can see, it's only a half smile I'm giving you. But don't fear, I'll throw in a nod on the house."

I go through this routine a few times a day. So much so that it was on my mind and I blogged about it. I don't call this blog wasting time for nothing!

I'll try and do better next time, kids.


Anonymous goldnugget said...

After months of nothing, Homer re-appears. Just as i was going to read the post, not know what it was about, i got up from my comfy leather chair, walked to the front of the office, walked past a secretary, gave her a half smile a nod kept walking. Irony you think, i say fate. Thanks for returning Homer, you again take part in my life. The Goldnugget has spoken.

11:55 AM

Blogger Val said...

You are the master of half smile half nod. I don't know anyone who does it more than you, in fact. So I guess when you express annoyance at this, you're really just annoyed at yourself.

12:49 PM

Blogger Val said...


12:49 PM


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