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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Guess who's back? You're favorite nerd, that's who

Back in High School I was really shy and quite the big nerd. Did I talk to girls? Sure, when I didn't catch what the math homework was. I never went to a school dance or to a party, or did anything "cool" for that matter. I was a geek. I knew it, and so did our family friends. But no worries, I actually think it's best to go through high school as a nerd, for reasons I may share in a later post. But for now, that is the background you need for this upcoming post.

I was home this past weekend and some family friends happened to come over. I hadn't seen these people in at least 5 years or so, probably more. In their eyes, I'm still the shy little nerd they knew back when I was in High School. So anyways, we're all chatting and I tell them I'm going to Chicago next year, and that I'm trying to find a place to live in Chitown this week. The dad asks, "Do you know Chicago well?" I say that I don't. He then asks me how I'm gonna be able to find a place in Chicago if I don't know the city. I say "Oh, I'm meeting a friend from undergrad there, and she's gonna show me around and help me out." He replies "Oohhhh!!! Whoa whoa whoa!!! Did you hear that? A GIRRRRRRLllll is gonna help show him around?!!! Nice!" I couldn't help but laugh to myself and think "Jeez, I'm 25 now, not 16!!" Too funny.


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