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Friday, July 15, 2005

Girls liking asshole guys

I hear girls all the time complaining that they can't find a "nice guy" to date, or that all the "good guys" are taken. Many of these girls, however, don't give "nice guys" the time of day, and instead, pursue assholes. Some speculate that the pursuit of asshole guys by women is so pervasive as to constitute an epidemic.

Girls will try and get with a guy when they KNOW he has a reputation for being an asshole. Has he cheated on past girlfriends? Who cares! Does he treat people, in general, like shit? Who cares! Why girls go for guys like that is a question I'm not quite sure I can answer. Perhaps girls get a boost to their self-esteem if they land a guy that plays by his own rules. Perhaps they view asshole guys as a challenge. They might think "If I can only get rid of his asshole aspects, he would be the perfect guy!" Fair enough. Everyone has different things they're looking for in a mate,and I'm not one to pass judgment. But I do get annoyed when these same girls COMPLAIN that they can't find a "nice guy". Sometimes I feel like saying, "Well no shit bitch, you keep dating assholes!" - and with the way some girls are, saying that mean statement would probably get that same girl on my jock. Of course some girls don't realize guys are assholes till much later on, but this is directed at those girls who go after guys they KNOW are assholes. Again, if that's your perogative, cool -- just don't complain about it, bitch. (The number of female blog groupies I have will increase in direct proportion to the number of times I say the word 'bitch')

What's also annoying is that girls act surprised when a known asshole acts like an asshole towards them. "I can't believe he cheated on me, things were going so great. I thought I was different." Sorry bitch, but in the mind of an asshole, the only thing different about you from the last girl is your cupsize. Guys, on the other hand, know what they are getting into when they start shit up with a bitchy girl. Guys, in a similar hypothetical, would say "Oh well, I knew she was a bitch from the start. I should have known better." Girls act like they've been victims in an elaborate conspiracy set up in order to hurt them, when in reality they're just ignoring the fact that they made a bad choice from the start.

Personally, I think the majority of girls DON'T want to date asshole guys, but sometimes it seems that way cuz the girls that do are the ones who are always complaining. That reminds me: Once I asked a girl I know what her type of guy was. She responded, matter of factly, "Assholes". Hey, at least she's honest!


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