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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Wed - Fri recap

I had to get all the partying out of my system before bar exam studying begins this week -- so with this in mind, me and some peeps hit the town. A quick recap:

Times gone out: 3
Alcoholic Beverages consumed: Too many
Slices of Pizzza eaten: 13
Movies watched while intoxicated: 3
Prank Calls I observed: Over 20
Prank Calls I made: Only 1
Last time I made a prank call: When I was 18
Something I forgot: Prank calls are fun
Minutes I spent dancing the robot: 15
Earliest i went to bed: 4:30 a.m
Latest I went to bed: 5:30 a.m

Also, the first official "What bar has the hottest lady bartenders/servers" in Madison ended in a tie. It came down to "The State" vs. "Brothers".

Another pointless post is in the bag!


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