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Monday, May 16, 2005


So I've graduated. Everything is the same. I don't feel any different. If anything, I feel like a con artist. I have a degree that seems to impress people, yet I know nothing, and feel as if I've done nothing to merit wearing a funky ass robe with a purple hood. People paying me money to give them legal advice? Yikes, that's a scary thought. I'm probably better equipped to give them advice regarding their fantasy basketball team.

My dad picked up a program from the honors ceremony (oddly enough, I wasn't invited!) and started asking me "Do you know so and so?" I say 'nope' "how about so and so?" 'nope' -- this goes on for about 10 names before I say "yeah, I guess I didn't really hang out with the scholarly crowd". So the graduation ceremony was a lot cooler than I expected. The speeches were pretty good and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

I ended up going to the graduation at the Kohl Center pretty much because I had to. It was boring as fuck, but my parents really loved it, so not all is lost. A few weeks ago there was a profile on CNN about a blind medical student at UW - Madison who was graduating at the top of his class. He walked accross the stage to get his diploma with his seeing eye dog -- pretty incredible. I remember that the profile on him from was really long, and I got lazy and didn't finish it all. Then I felt even lazier. I mean, this guy is blind and is graduating medical school, and I can't even get through an entire article! Anyways, after the big boring graduation, me and the fam went to get some grub. Then we returned to my apartment for crumpets. At 11 or so, the fam went to their hotel for some sleep... but the night was just beginning for me!

Headed over to Fridas for a grand ole time. Even the Rican got permission to come out and party! ("Hey, I don't need permission to go out!" is what he's probably thinking right now) It was def. a fun time. Much alcohol was consumed, many kind words were exchanged, and the after parties didn't stop till 430 am. I got to see smokey dance, and one young dame was really impressed that I knew ALL the words to Salt-n-Pepa's song "Whatta man!". I guess watching T.V for at least 7 hours a day in High School is starting to pay off.

So after three years of lawschool, here are a few random thoughts; I feel like I should know a lot more. I didn't study much at all. I probably wrote as many notes to friends during class as I took in class from lectures. Law school is made out to be a lot worse than it is. If you don't care about being at the top of your class, and aren't on any journals or anything like that, law school is actually a breeze, if not a joke. Going to law school in a party town is the way to do it. I came to law school because I had nothing else to do. Coming to law school was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Oral Advocacy is fun, I can't wait till it comes out on DVD. Tax Law is fun. Yes, I'm a nerd. Next year will be the first time in 8 years that I won't be in a big time party college town. Not looking forward to that. Not looking forward to that at all! Too nice outside to be blogging... off I go!! Next up: "Cleaning out my locker... triumph and tragedy"


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